DFCCIL Executive CRM Question Answers

DFCCIL CRM Question Answers: Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) released official notification for the recruitment to the post of Junior Manager, Executive and Junior Executive etc. Total Number of Vacancies are 1074. Candidates can apply online from 24.04.2021 to 23.05.2021. 

There are 77 vacancies for Junior Manager (Operations & BD), 237 vacancies for Junior Manager (Operations & BD) and 225 vacancies for Junior Executive (Operations & BD).

We have also released DFCCIL Book for DFCCIL Executive (Operations & BD) and DFCCIL Junior Executive (Operations & BD) EXAM 2021.DFCCIL Guide, DFCCIL Book

In this book we have covered Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Indian Economy & Marketing, History of Indian Railways, DFCCIL, Important Facts and Stats of Indian Railways & 500+ Most Important MCQs (DFCCIL Previous Year Paper {Solved}  included).

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DFCCIL CRM Question Answers

1. In a CRM System, if the hypothetical rate is 1.0, then the survival rate at the end of 3rd year is
a) 0.25
b) 1.0
c) 0.5
d) 0.0
Ans. b) 1.0

2. The Dendrogram tool is a tool used in CRM in conjunction with which of these methodologies?
a) Regression
b) Discriminant Analysis
c) Cluster Analysis
d) Pareto Analysis
Ans. c) Cluster Analysis

3. In the context of CRM, what does the abbreviation SFA stands for?
a) Sales Frontend Audit
b) Sales Filed Audit
c) Sales Force Automation
d) Sales Field Allocation
Ans. c) Sales Force Automation

4. What is the name of the data visualization tool that depicts a logical arrangement of keywords within a textual content? The size of each word in the depiction usually indicates the frequency or importance of the word.
a) Meta Tag
b) World Cloud
c) Heat Map
d) Dendrogram
Ans. b) World Cloud

5. Name the founder chairman of one of the World’s largest CRM companies, Salesforce.com?
a) Jeff Bezos
b) Larry Page
c) Elon Musk
d) Marc Benioff
Ans. d) Marc Benioff

6. The value that is obtained from a customer’s positive word of mouth through which one can get additional customers is called:
a) Customer Referral Value
b) Customer Click Through Rate
c) Customer Frequency Value
d) Customer Life Time Value
Ans. a) Customer Referral Value

7. In a typical Sales Funnel, which of these segments would be the largest segment?
a) People who have decided to purchase
b) People who are aware of the product
c) People who have acted upon the purchase decision
d) People who have interest in purchasing
Ans. b) People who are aware of the product

8. In a CRM database, a set of information stored in a row of the database and pertaining to one cluster is called?
a) Flow
b) Record
c) Cluster
d) Factor
Ans. b) Record

9. In case of CRM, what does RF stand for in RFM model?
a) Recency Frequency
b) Radio Frequency
c) Right Field
d) Recent Financials
Ans. a) Recency Frequency

10. The Balanced Scorecard, a Strategic Planning and Management System was developed by two management gurus. One of them is a famous professor from Harvard Business School. Name the professor.
a) Michael Porter
b) Srikant Datar
c) Clayton M. Christensen
d) Robert Kaplan
Ans. d) Robert KaplanDFCCIL Guide, DFCCIL Book

11. The process of introducing a gaming ambience to increase customer involvement and thereby sale is known by what name? It is an online marketing technique today.
a) Gamification
b) Games People Play
c) Gameshell
d) Game Theory
Ans. a) Gamification

12. IN CRM database management, both Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis are which type of techniques?
a) Data Transmission Techniques
b) Data Visualization Techniques
c) Data Reduction Techniques
d) Data Generalization Techniques
Ans. c) Data Reduction Techniques

13. According to ___, CRM is an iterative process that turns customer information into positive customer relations.
a) Ronald S. Swift
b) Stanley A. Brown
c) Chris Todman
d) Gartner Group
Ans. Ronald S. Swift

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14. Although ___ was developed as a Linux program, it is compatible with Windows.
a) Telemation
b) SAP
c) Oracle
d) PeopleSoft
Ans. Telemation

15. Which of the following options includes relationship management with external stakeholders in the value chain?
a) Analytical CRM
b) eCRM
c) Collaborative CRM
d) EAI
Ans. c) Collaborative CRM

16. ___ are important to develop and evaluate the results of marketing interactions.
a) Campaign management tools
b) Interfaces
c) Analytical tools
d) Data warehouses
Ans. Campaign management tools

17. In ___, active management and assessment of products and services take place.
a) Intelligence phase
b) Value creation phase
c) Integration phase
d) Initial phase
Ans. c) Integration phase

18. The ___ of CRM deals with communication between companies and their customers.
a) Collaborative feature
b) Operational feature
c) Analytical feature
d) Automation feature
Ans. Collaborative feature

19. Which one of the following options is the correct benefit of SFA?
a) Decreases trading and increases administration
b) Helps to close agreements slower
c) Provides real-time visibility into sales
d) Helps to implement consistent sales processes across departments only
Ans. c) Provides real-time visibility into sales

20. Which of the following features of SFA helps to integrate financial functionality of the back and front office of an organization?
a) Contract management
b) Opportunity management
c) Asset management
d) Data quality management
Ans. Contract management

Best DFCCIL Book Executive & Jr. Executive (Operations & BD)21. of the following options is linked to order management?
a) Improves financial planning by easily tracking sales pipeline
b) Maintains audit information automatically
c) Associates opportunity data records with purchase decisions
d) Exports and imports account data
Ans. Improves financial planning by easily tracking sales pipeline

22. An efficient synchronization system must: (Choose the false option)
a) Support large-scale field implementation
b) Give flexible support for the server database
c) Be dependent on the database
d) Easy to use
Ans. c) Be dependent on the database

23. Which among the following is defined as an ability to track and respond to clients in an individualized manner?

a) Personalization
b) Automation
c) Inbound management
d) Outbound management
Ans. a) Personalization

24. Which among the following is a major part of applications and techniques that helps in gathering, storing, analyzing, and accessing the data?
a) Business analytics
b) Data visualization
c) Data mining
d) Virtual reality
Ans. a) Business analytics

25. In ___, devices connect directly and synchronize with their owners’ data on a PC.
a) Software-based synchronization
b) Web-based portal synchronization
c) Enterprise space synchronization
d) Docking synchronization
Ans. a) Software-based synchronization

26. Which of the following response media provides the three different service models of ‘Immediate Assistance’, ‘Deferred Assistance’ and ‘Engaging’ with the company via self-service.
a) E-mail
b) Call centre
c) SMS
d) Web site
Ans. b) Call centre

27. ___ is a kind of speech production application. It translates standard language text into speech. 
a) Voice Speech Recognition
b) Hosted FAQ services
c) Text-to-Speech
d) IVR applications
Ans. c) Text-to-Speech (TTS)

28. ___ is the API for media binding in CTI. 
Ans. c) JTAPI

29. In Web-enabled CTI, interactions with customers is through the___. 
a) Server
b) Telephone switch
c) Internet
d) Computer
Ans. Internet

30. Discussions are held with all the ___ of the company during requirements gathering. 
a) Technical staff
b) Managers
c) Sales personnel
d) Stakeholders
Ans. Stakeholders

31. ___ is the input to the scoping and prioritizing stage of CRM implementation. 
a) Scope statement
b) Requirements list
c) Design document
d) Business plans
Ans. b) Requirements list

32. ___ outlines the interactions between a user and an application. 
a) Use case
b) Technical specification document
c) Functional specification document
d) Project user training plan
Ans. Use case

33. ___ generations is done after prototyping. 
a) Report
b) Proposal
c) Bill
d) Plan
Ans. b) Proposal

34. Customization is a process of ___ the CRM solution. 
a) Planning
b) Buying
c) Fine-tuning
d) Integrating
Ans. c) Fine-tuning

35. The staff of the company who maintains software systems is given ___ training. 
a) Initial user training
b) Train the trainer
c) System administrator training
d) Remedial training
Ans. c) System administrator training

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